Paul Hart Cochran, Owner

With a passion for storytelling and a versatile set of skills, Paul Cochran is the perfect choice for rightsholders seeking a captivating audiobook narrator and producer.


  • Professional Singer, Operatic Tenor: Unique vocal range and artistry, effortlessly breathing life into characters through mastery of voices and accents
  • Theater and Public Speaking: Performances are engaging, emotive, and memorable, allowing the narrative to shine
  • Masters Degrees in Counseling and Theology: A deep understanding of human emotions, enabling connection with characters on a profound level, delivering authentic performances
  • Avid Reader and Audiobook Enthusiast: Understanding the nuances of audio storytelling, ensureing a captivating experience for listeners


Equipped with a professional studio and a dedicated producer, Paul offers full-service audiobook production, ensuring a high-quality finished product. If you're a rightsholder in search of an exceptional narrator and producer or a studio professional looking for a collaborative partner, Paul Cochran is the ideal choice to bring your audiobook project to life.

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